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Solon, Ohio



environmentally Conscious

Our CUPS, LIDS, STRAWS, BOWLS + T0-GO CONTAINERS are ECO Products. They are COMPOSTABLE, made of 100% CORN.  We compost with Rust Belt Riders. Please do not put these items in the recycling bin.

We take great measures to keep in mind not only the quality & healthiness of what we provide, but also the health of the earth around us and sustainability of what we use as consumers. Thank you for contributing to a healthier world and a healthier you.





At Very Berry Smoothie + Cafe, we provide healthy, delicious specialty beverages and food. We focus on sourcing high quality and local ingredients you know you can trust. We pride ourselves on providing the healthiest and best tasting products with no artificial or hidden ingredients, refined sugars, syrups, sherbets, ice creams, or fake fruit juices. We are real, wholesome, and natural. All ingredients that go into our food and beverages are transparently listed on our menus so you know exactly what you're putting into your body.